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Brandan Wright Agrees to 3 Year $18 Million Contract with Memphis Grizzlies

Goodbye Kosta, hello Mr. Wright, according to Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski.

According to Woj, Brandan Wright is coming to Memphis.
According to Woj, Brandan Wright is coming to Memphis.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports


Earlier in the day, reports of negotiations with Mo Williams left members of Grizz Nation feeling lukewarm at best. The news of the signing of Brandan Wright, despite meaning the likely end of Kosta Koufos' tenure with the Memphis Grizzlies, has been much more well received. The 6'10" 210 pound native of Nashville, Tennessee is one of the most athletic bigs in the NBA and is excellent in the pick-and roll, especially when it comes to finishing at the rim.

Wright Shot Chart

12.3% better converting at and around the rim than the league average, and shows the possible ability to extend that to the free throw line in pick-and-pop possibilities.

He also can defend the rim in a similar fashion to Koufos and averaged 1.3 blocks per game in just 19 minutes of playing time between three teams (Dallas, Boston and Phoenix) in 2014-2015. His 2014-2015 PER overall was 20.4 and 25.7 with Dallas in 27 games, averaging 18.7 minutes per game in his time this past season with the Mavericks.

Wright's skill set seems to allow for him to potentially play alongside both Zach Randolph (less of a clear fit due to lane being filled) and (hopefully) Marc Gasol, he is interested in helping Memphis get over the hump in the loaded Western Conference and at 3 years, $18 million dollars (at or close to the full mid-level exception), he is an absolute steal considering some of the money that has flown around the Association on the first day of free agency.

Yes, a wing who can shoot and score would be nice, but Memphis was in desperate need of a third big to play behind Gasol (all signs point to a return) and Randolph, and Brandan Wright fills a big need at the right price.

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