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Orlando Summer League Championship: Grizzlies vs. Orlando White GameThread

Forget playing basketball in June. The Grizzlies are playing into July!

The Memphis Grizzlies Summer League team narrowly edged out the Miami Heat for the 2-spot in today's Orlando Summer League Championship with their win over the OKC Thunder yesterday afternoon.

The Grizzlies will take on the Orlando White team today at 11:00AM CT in the title game.

It's been a fun week of Semi-Bears play. We're seeing almost exactly what we want to be seeing from our "Big 3" of Jordan Adams, Jarnell Stokes and Russ Smith, and there's been a couple of flashes from players like Tony Crocker, Michael Holyfield and... well, I'd be lying if I told you I really noticed anyone else. Hopefully a couple of them get to join the Iowa Energy contingency later this year.

Aside from championship aspirations, we knew that this Summer League would be important for Jarnell Stokes and Russ Smith in ensuring a solid chance at a roster spot. If I'm going with my gut I would predict that both players end up sticking just because they've both shown to be very productive in their respective roles.

This could obviously change pretty quickly if a veteran whom the Grizzlies covet becomes available as Memphis could still squeeze in a couple of million bucks for someone on the minimum. If that ends up being the case, I'd view Jarnell as the odd man out. The Grizzlies would be pretty freaking stupid to discard Russ Smith at this point. The guy has dark-horse-star potential with his combination of personality, confidence and nifty basketball skills.

Go Semi-Bears!

Orlando Summer League Championship
Memphis Grizzlies vs. Orlando White
11:00AM CT
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