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UPDATE: Memphis Grizzlies set to make "major announcement" on July 14th

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Memphis Grizzlies are staying active on all fronts this off-season, including making time for Grizz Nation to come celebrate with them at FedexForum.

So when I see this announcement in my inbox this morning my eyes immediately widen a bit.

New TVs? New uniforms? New colors?

But then the morning fog starts lifting from my brain and I remember what's been going on lately. Marc Gasol has agreed to re-sign with the Memphis Grizzlies, but Marc Gasol has not actually signed a contract yet according to the Memphis Grizzlies. So it's my belief that this major announcement is probably going to be the unveiling of Marc's 5-year contract.

That's not really "major" to the diehard contingency of Grizz Nation. But considering the shenanigans that DeAndre Jordan pulled last week, the finalization of Gasol's contract is worthy of a Plaza Party at the Grindhouse.

We'll have to wait on any new news of uniforms and the like. But hey, it's a long summer and we've got to milk these moments for everything they've got. Come mid-September we'll be begging for the Grizzlies re-announce something we've already heard.

UPDATE: The Grizzlies have announced the re-signing of Marc Gasol tonight, July 13th in an official press release. That makes me think there's a chance tomorrow might be something else we don't know about just yet!

NEW UPDATE: Oh, but wait... the Grizzlies are proving that they might end up being really lame...

Horrible at keeping secrets much?