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Marc Gasol officially re-signs multi-year contract with the Memphis Grizzlies


It's official! There will be no DeAndre Jordan situation with Marc Gasol and the Memphis Grizzlies! And while the team officially doesn't release the details of the deal, you can imagine it's probably close to what we heard reported a while back.

Re-signing Marc Gasol was the No. 1 priority for our organization this offseason. For many years, Marc has been a pillar of our franchise and in a Memphis community that has watched him become one of the best basketball players in the world, so this is a great day for our team, our city and our fans across the Mid-South and worldwide.

-Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace

It's nothing that's truly news to us, but there's definitely nothing wrong with celebrating the Wendigo's return once again. He's all ours for at least another 4 years, with hopefully several more after that term.

We love ya, Marc. Beware the climbers!

Photo credit: Frederick Breedon/Getty Images