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We have our first details of possible Marc Gasol deal with Memphis Grizzlies

Big Spain close to new deal with Memphis.

The Memphis Grizzlies front office, including owner Robert Pera, has been in Barcelona visiting and wooing Marc Gasol into returning to Memphis. Word rang out early this morning with some of the first details of a possible deal between Big Spain and the Grizzlies.

This would be an immense score for the Grizzlies to get Gasol for the full, 5-year max and also seemingly have scored a bit of a discount at a total of $108mm when you consider what players like Kevin Love, Damian Lillard and Anthony Davis have gotten in the past day of NBA Free Agency.

It'll look even more like a discount in a couple of years when some players are making $30-40 million a year.

Here's hoping that the Grizzlies and Marc get this thing wrapped up soon!