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The Memphis Grizzlies currently have 6/1 odds of winning the 2016 NBA Championship


Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Something has made the payout for the Memphis Grizzlies winning the 2016 NBA title drastically decrease in the last 24 hours. That, obviously, means that the Grizzlies chances of winning have gone up – drastically.

This photo from Mandalay Bay posted around midnight last night shows the Grizzlies with 6:1 odds at the Larry O'Brien trophy next year.

A photo posted by Bryan Duffel (@bduff38103) on

But just yesterday at 9:45AM CT the Grizzlies were at 40:1 odds for the championship according to At either set of odds, I'm assuming there's the assumption that Marc Gasol is re-signing with Memphis. So that's comforting.

But the only thing we know the Grizzlies did yesterday is that they signed Brandan Wright to a 3 year/$18mm deal. There's no way that the addition of Wright, without currently having another NBA center under contract, was enough to bump the Grizzlies up that much. Maybe they're just now getting wind of the Matt Barnes addition? Unlikely. He wouldn't provide that boost either though.

It leads me to believe one of three things:

1) There was a malfunction in the display at Mandalay Bay.

2) Brandan Wright is somehow WAAAAY better than previously known.

3) Vegas knows something about the Grizzlies plans that we don't.

The 3rd possibility is obviously pretty intriguing.