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Report: Marc Gasol in Negotiations on a Five-Year/$100 Million-ish Dollar Deal with the Memphis Grizzlies

Marc Stein reports that the Memphis Grizzlies are in negotiations with All Star and All-NBA First Team Marc Gasol on a five year/100+ million dollar contract. Gasol has been meeting with team officials, including owner Robert Pera, in person in Barcelona ever since the beginning of the free agent period on Wednesday at 12:01 AM.  Marc Gasol has not met with any other teams during this period, as other sources have reported that Gasol is essentially unavailable to anyother team than the Grizzlies.

Stein reports that the two sides may have come to a verbal agreement, but that these deals can not be released officially from the team until the league moratorium ends on July 9th. Even though the term and dollar amount are not official, Stein has been told that Gasol preferred to do a five year deal instead of a shorter contract.  One would also assume that this contract includes a player option in the third or fourth season.

Stay tuned to Grizzly Bear Blues for all things marc Gasol and NBA Free Agency.