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Proof that FedexForum is indeed upgrading their old tube TVs

For years now, Grizzlies fans and most of the media have been harping on the severely outdated televisions adorning the concourse and other areas of FedexForum. It's been a long road. A ... long .... road. Seriously, I feel as though HD flat screens became pretty commonplace in the average American home circa mid-2000's – we're now in the mid 2010's.

But an Instagram from my buddy who works inside the Grindhouse in Memphis suggests that replacing the old, boxy TVs is now becoming a reality.

Proof. Say goodbye to the old FedEx Forum tube TVs.

A photo posted by Mark McCleskey (@markmccleskey) on

It would be interesting to live in the alternate universe where Michael Heisley never sold the Grizzlies and stayed in good health into the 2010's, a reality where those mammoth screens likely stay planted inside FedexForum until 3D holographic technology is commonplace on most wristwatches and handheld devices.

Of course, I jest with respect to the late, great Heisley. But it's nice that Robert Pera is keeping Memphis chugging along towards the 21st century. Next season Grizz Nation will be able to proudly patrol the concourse as they gaze at crisp, bright screens that will unofficially open up 3,000,000,000 cubic feet inside FedexForum.