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The View From The Enemy: Recapping The Off-Season

The vast majority of Grizzlies fans feel that the team has had a pretty impressive off-season so far, the resigning of Marc Gasol, the addition of Matt Barnes and the signing of Brandan Wright should mean that once again, the Grizzlies will battle it out amongst the top teams in the Western Conference next season.

But what do fans of opposing teams think to the Grizzlies off-season moves? Let's take a look and find out.

Marc Gasol resigns with Memphis

Gasol didn't even have meetings with anyone besides Memphis. He and his camp made it pretty clear that he had no intentions of leaving. There would've been no point in wasting time/resources into pursuing him. - Spurs fan

Gasol isnt about winning, he is comfy in Memphis.

Gasol is probably a little better than LMA right this second but I love the LMA fit. Gasol and Duncan wouldn't have been as great of a fit. If you're building a team from scratch to win next season, you pick Gasol before Aldridge. But on these Spurs, their ceiling is higher with Aldridge because his scoring and spreading of the court will just enhance what the Spurs can already do.

This dude gets the same as K Love, but is a better scorer, better defender and better passer, not to mention he's an all star starter in the west, whereas Love could't make it in the east. Great move by Memphis....the southwest division keeps getting better

I mean they had him last year too. They didn't get better, they just didn't get worse.

Grizzlies trade for Matt Barnes

Ah the annual "Grizzlies added X washed up wing, they're definitely contenders this year!" take.

Memphis actually is quite impressive in their ability to pick up good players from the scrap heap.

I thought Barnes did a good job getting people angry and other people scared. I'm going to miss him.

Barnes didn't exactly have the best time here and it sounded like he wasn't happy on the way out.

I cannot deal with Matt Barnes being on the "pedobears" shoot me in the **** head why don't ya?

Zach Randolph, Tony Allen, and now Matt Barnes. Good grief.

Brandan Wright signs with Memphis

The real question is did the Grizzlies SIGN someone that can MAKE a jumpshot?

He was one of the few guys on the Suns that actually improved towards the end of the year as injuries took their toll. I thought he fit in perfectly.

Poor mans DeAndre!

Kosta Koufos joins Sacramento

wow great deal, i thought he would want a STARTING role and $$$

This is a very good deal considering the market right now. Right about what I expected him to sign.

Koufos was probably the best backup center in the NBA last year. Teams shoot a very low fg% at the rim against him.

Great, great signing. In an ideal world, I'd have preferred a shooter I think, but Koufos is a smart player that knows how to play off of others, so I think it should be a nice fit.

This is a very nice move. You get a solid, defensive big on a reasonable contract. He's going to get minutes and the Kings need his skills.