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Dave Joerger: "We're going to try to be nasty."

The Memphis Grizzlies held a press conference on Tuesday morning to introduce the once-hated-now-loved Matt Barnes to the city. There were a few things that stood out to me:

  • Chris Wallace comes in with the voice of Zeus anytime he's introducing a presser. If you've been watching these things since Wallace's arrival to Memphis then there's a 65% chance you've taken some permanent damage to your hearing. I want to credit the sound engineer for always being on top of limiting the amount of auditory destruction from CW, but maybe it's time to just mute his mic and slowly fade him in as he starts speaking.
  • Matt Barnes is way calmer than I expected. And not just calm, he's far more pleasant than I ever thought Matt Barnes could be. I take pride in my taste in voices, both singing and speaking, and Matt Barnes has a nice voice. He'd probably make a great hypnotist.
  • Barnes emphasized multiple times that he's excited to play with Tony Allen. Those two could be quite the wrecking crew when teamed up together. You think of something defensively similar to what we saw when Tony and Tayshaun Prince were playing together. Only this time the taller guy can probably consistently make threes.
  • Another emphasis from Barnes was something I'll go ahead and take as a slight to the Clippers because, why not?

    "I'm glad I've got a whole team of guys who think the way I do."
  • At one point, a question was directed to Dave Joerger regarding what Barnes brings to the Grizzlies. He mentioned that he and Mike Conley had talked about getting guys on the team who they specifically hated playing against. Matt Barnes was one of those guys. Joerger then elaborated on some of his plans now that MB is in the mix. It was awesome.

Hooray for Matt Barnes Day! You can check out the full press conference over here. What all did you guys take away from this one?