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Throwback Thursday: The Top 5 Memphis Grizzlies Crossovers

As described by Google "A crossover dribble is a basketball maneuver in which a player dribbling the ball switches the ball rapidly from one hand to the other, to make a change in direction. In a typical example the player heads up court, dribbling the ball in (say) the left hand, then makes a wide step left with a good head fake."

Harry How/Getty Images

Here in Memphis, we all know basketball runs deep in our veins. From North Memphis to South Memphis I've heard all the lingo when it pertains to the 'crossover' maneuver in basketball. You hear stuff like, "Dang he baked his a**"or "he tapped em," or "D*** he got crossed up," or "broke his ankles," and even "he shook em out his shoes." You know... things of that nature. Where I'm from we love to see someone get crossed over in the game of basketball.... and when that happens we want to make sure you're busted out about it... whether on the blacktop, at the FedExForum, and even in church league. On this Throwback Thursday, I think it seems prudent to show the Memphis Grizzlies best crossovers. Enjoy!

5. Griz vs Heat:

This game featured a barrage of threes from Wayne Ellington.... but the highlight of the night for me was Rudy Gay crossing-up Lebron James and finishing with the vicious slam.

4. Griz vs Warriors:

OJ Mayo destroys Monta's ankles... Please don't get up Monta...

3. Griz vs Floppers:

Sorry Mike Conley had to break you off like that!

2. Griz vs Clips:

It's only right to welcome Matt Barnes with open arms....with... a video of him getting 'baked' by Mike Conley. Don't be mad bro :)

1. Jason Williams vs Errbody:

You know 'White Chocolate" had to go number 1! JWill will always be known as the Grizzlies best 'Ankle Breaker'. Williams might be remembered as the most entertaining Grizzly of all time. Let's see your list!