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GBB Staff Expansion Update

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Hey everyone! I'm so pleased with the incredible turnout for interest in joining the GBB Staff. I just wanted to give everyone an update that I'm still reviewing applications and talking to people. Please don't be discouraged if I haven't responded to you yet – the number of people that have contacted me is slightly overwhelming and it's taking me a while to digest it all.

One thing that will help your name stand out to me is this: have something specific in mind for your contributions to the blog. I'm really thankful to have people so enthused about joining GBB that "you'll do anything in any capacity", but that doesn't give me much to go on until I've filled up roles with people who have specifically requested to take on something.

It's far easier for me to help you figure out something you already know you want to do than it is for me to figure out your strengths and assign you something to do.

Also, don't be shy. You're not going to pester me or bother me if you email me multiple times.

Also also, getting involved on the blog in comments, FanPosts and Fanshots is HUGE. It shows me that you're already committed to taking the next steps and that you are truly engaged with what we're doing here at GBB.

Thanks again for everyone's interest! Let's keep it going!