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Summer League Flashback: Tony Wroten getting pwned by Matthew Dellavedova

Two years ago we witnessed the Dark Age of Memphis Grizzlies Summer League play. It was known as the Summer of Tony Wroten AKA how Tony Wroten Got Traded From Memphis. Poor T.Wrote had an incredibly awful SL, one so egregious that the Grizzlies were very inclined to ship him out to Philly (for nothing) before the 2013-14 season started.

Here's just one example of what you might have witnessed two years ago on your Summer League pass.

That's the Cavaliers' (star?) Matthew Dellavedova getting some serious leverage on Wroten, just doing what a Delly does. Also worth nothing we've got previously perennial Grizz SL star Jack Cooley in the background. Ole Jack parlayed his Summer League grit into a multi-year contract with the Utah Jazz last season. He will be missed! Wroten, not so much.