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Marc Gasol signs long term deal with his hometown Memphis Grizzlies

Gospel according to Marc!

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

A mere 136 hours after the beginning of the free agent signing period, according to Marc Stein the Memphis Grizzlies have come to terms with All-Star and First Team All-NBA center Marc Gasol, who agreed to a 5 year contract worth around 110 million dollars.  The max contract will include a player option in year four.

- Marc Gasol, getting ready to count all that money.

According to Marc Stein, the reason behind the delay in news about the contract is that Marc is "methodical".

There seemed to have been very little doubt from team sources and media at large

Although some of us may have got a little antsy

Hey @WojYahooNBA ...can you go ahead and tell the Grizzlies they are signing Marc Gasol so I can stop re-writing...would help out a lot

— The Amazing MattyB. (@TAismyhomeboy) July 2, 2015

Kudos to Marc Gasol for, like his front court mate Zach Randolph, staying loyal to the organization and fan base that has appreciated his work for his career.  That discounted contract  will look great next season with the precipitous increase in the salary cap looming.

Kudos to the Grizzlies' front office.  They have taken their fair share of lumps over the past few seasons in the drafting/development department, with their choices for free agent pick ups, and their handling of  assets in mid-season trades, but the fact remains: They have now re-signed three of the "core-four" players (Marc, ZBo, and Tony) to contracts of good lengths and fair value, with one more still to go next season.

Memphis and scattered Grizzlies fans at-large, you may now take a deep breath....and CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!