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Russ Smith wins Grizzlies Summer League Game #3 with Sudden Death Floater

The Memphis Grizzlies played a Summer League game today in Orlando. It was a pretty awful game until the Grizzlies found a spark in the 2nd half behind the heroics of Russ Smith. But oh boy, did Russ ever make the drudgery of watching this game worth the task.

For those of you who don't know, which should be 99.99% of you, a second overtime in a Summer League game goes into Sudden Death mode where the first team to score wins.

Russ Smith finished off the game for Memphis with the most beautiful and far-falling floater of the summer.

What it do, Russ??!?!

This was by far the best finish to a Grizzlies Summer League game in the history of Grizzlies Summer League. The bar is set, y'all. The Grizzlies are now 3-0 in Orlando. Who's planning the watch party for Game #4??