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Grizz Essentials Cub Box Trivia Giveaway!

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Grizz Essentials, the purveyor of the finest Grizzlies unofficlal swag in the known universe, is adding a new option to their catalogue so that people of all shapes, sizes and budgets can get in on the Memphis Grizzlies fun!

And now you're probably saying, "But Chris, the headline says 'giveaway' ... how do I get the freebie?"

It's all too easy.

  • First, go like our Facebook page.
  • Secondly, correctly answer as many of the Marc Gasol/Jeff Green trivia questions below as you can. The top scores will be entered into a drawing where I will give away TWO free Cub Boxes from Grizz Essentials!

The cutoff for entry will be 12:00AM tonight. I'll announce and contact the winners tomorrow morning. Grizz Essentials will take care of the rest and soon you'll have some sweet Grizz gear at your doorstep!

And BONUS, if you live in the Memphis area you can shop at these local vendors and get a FREE Cub Box just for making a purchase at their establishment!!