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Tony Allen conducts airport traffic, is still Team Meek Mill

Tony Allen is known for his love of rap music. He particularly enjoys quoting lyrics on his Twitter account. So it's no wonder he's now dipped his toe into the (what I thought was settled and dead) Drake/Meek Mill rap feud. You'll remember a while back that Kevin Durant made his loyalty to Drake known on Twitter.

Well, Meek Mill now has his own NBA allegiance.

Whoa! There you have it. The next notch in our off-season distractions.

The funny thing is that my first takeaway from this video was TA pronouncing he was Team Meek Mill when the more obvious observation is that Tony Allen is dressed up like an aircraft marshall directing people around with two glowing sticks. (He's filming a commercial for Memphis International Airport as he is their new spokesperson.)

The Grindfather truly is my favorite cray-bro.