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Vince Carter comes in 2nd place for NBA's 2015 Teammate of the Year

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

We can complain about some of Vince Carter's contributions on the court last year with the Memphis Grizzlies, but that's where the complaints should stop. This man has been a Grade AAA human being in every other facet since signing with Memphis last summer. The Commercial Appeal reports that he even came in 2nd place to Tim Duncan for the NBA's 2015 Teammate of the Year Award.

Duncan totaled 1,494 points from the players, including 72 first-place votes. Carter finished second with 818 points (28 first-place votes) and the Atlanta Hawks' Elton Brand placed third with 707 points (21 first-place votes).

This tells me a couple of things. First, Timmy still irritates the living f*ck out of me. Second, the Teammate of the Year award is meant for the old guys. I bet we see Mike Conley win this one in 2023, give or take a year.

But it's time for another round of applause for Mr. Vince Carter. You're the best, VC.