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Mary Conley, wife of Grizzlies' Mike, featured in Memphis Health & Fitness magazine

Mary Conley, wife of Memphis Grizzlies' PG Michael Conley
Mary Conley, wife of Memphis Grizzlies' PG Michael Conley
Memphis Health & Fitness

Fans of the Memphis Grizzlies are no strangers to Mike Conley's obsession with fitness and health. It's had rippling effects on the Grizzlies team as a whole, and it's specifically been an influence on the Once-Big-Now-Slim Spain (But still Big in heart), Marc Gasol.

However, the woman behind the man could be the real fitness guru here. Mary Conley, Mike's wife, appeared on the cover of August's Memphis Health & Fitness magazine and has a featured Q&A inside that reveals her commitment to physical fitness.

6) How do you stay so fit?

I'm obsessed with Pure Barre! My muscles have more of an elongated look when I do Pure Barre consistently. I also belong to Lifetime Fitness. At the gym I do my own weights, swim laps, and take full advantage of the yoga classes and the other group fitness classes Barebell Strength and Strictly Strength. And I love being outdoors and riding my bike.

Wow. That's about 8 different activities right there. It's safe to say that Mike has paired himself up with a Type A personality.

8) What do you eat in a typical day?

Breakfast is my most consistent meal. I never skip it and it's always healthy. I love eggs, fruit, yogurt and oatmeal. I'll rotate those and prepare them in different ways. After a game, our dinner can take place at 11PM, which is not a good thing for my body. I am working on eating before the Grizzlies games and not after!

Sounds like the trick to staying fit is not eating late at night. Looks like I'll have to give up my precious Arby's at Union & Pauline St after Grizzlies games at FedexForum if I want a beach-blogger bod.

9) What's it like being the wife of an NBA star?

The NBA schedule isn't like the normal 8-5 job. There aren't weekends or holidays off. That can be hard when Michael has to leave Christmas Day or can't be here for Thanksgiving. I am fortunate to be able to visit a variety of cities around the country. I also have met some amazing friends through the NBA that I am very grateful for.

I sympathize (and empathize, somewhat) for the hectic schedule that comes with NBA life. But the real takeaway here is that Mary refers to him, and likely calls him, Michael. As someone who goes by Chris but is often called "Christopher" by my wife and family, that tidbit rings true to my heart. As a fan, it's great to know that someone so driven and focused stands behind our Captain Clutch for the Grizzlies. Mike should be fit for NBA competition well into his 60's with this lady keeping him on his toes.

You all can check out the full article and entire magazine over here for free, or you can scout around Memphis establishments for a rack of Memphis Health & Fitness.