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These are the days: a Zach Randolph dunk featured in the NBA 2K16 trailer

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It's fun to see how NBA 2K evolves every year: the graphics get a little better, more details get poured into the game and the ratings try to reflect player's progression or regression. We don't know any of the Memphis Grizzlies player ratings for 2015-16 just yet, but we do know that the Grizzlies are surprisingly featured several times in the trailer for NBA 2K16!

And as the headline suggests, there's even an appearance of Zach Randolph dunking a basketball! Yes, he's fully suspended from a 10-foot high rim with his legs supposedly off the ground. So while the phrase "he can't jump over a phone book" will continued to be mentioned alongside Z-Bo, popular culture now admits that #50 does have the capability of dunking a basketball.

We've got our lone shot at the back of Marc Gasol's head. (disappointing...)

Z-Bo and Vince Carter celebrating ... something. Could be the arrival of ice packs.

And some more Vince Carter with his signature 3-point celebration. Ahh, the irony.

And now we wait for the player ratings to trickle through the internet. We can confirm that Pau Gasol is an "86' and Hassan Whiteside is an "81." All-NBA First Team/All-Star starter Marc Gasol better be rated higher than both of them.