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Poetry Corner: Summertime Blues

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Grizzlies' topics are hard to come by during the off-season, so I thought I'd try my hand at some poetry.

Spending summer just passing time

'til it's time to see Grizzlies throw bodies on the line.

Having heart palpitations over title aspirations,

which have been put on hold for our summer vacations.

Prison Break, I've sat and watched them all,

now I just wanna chill 'n' watch me some ball.

'Where's Beno?' Who cares?, I don't know,

just get him on the court dishing dimes to ZBo.

Twitter timelines are now rather boring,

Brandan Wright, Jeff Green it's time to start soaring.

Waiting for the season, full of suspense,

as we yearn to hear Tony yell 'First Team All Defense'.

Marc Gasol, 'The Return', we knew he would do it,

whilst we waited to return to our NBA habit.

Captain Clutch, Mike Conley, Will he be an All Star?

Spent my summertime days trying to learn the guitar.

Wait. What's that I see on the horizon?

I'm right, that's it, the new basketball season.

Wake up Grizz Nation, nearly time to go,

Larry O'Brien trophy.....we can but dream y'know!