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Markieff Morris Could Find The Perfect Fit In Memphis

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Markieff Morris could finally find a home in Memphis.

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Edit: Please note that this is Jonah's opinion on how Markieff Morris fits with the Memphis Grizzlies. This is not a rumor or a source stating that the Grizzlies are interested in Morris. -CF

It was reported Thursday afternoon that Markieff Morris wants nothing to do with the Phoenix Suns and would like to be traded. The news scrolled across my Twitter timeline and I'm still stunned/irritated Yahoo Sports news-breaker Adrian Wojnarowski hasn't told me the Grizzlies are going after him. Memphis and Morris are perfect for one another.

Morris without a doubt has problems. These comments are following a season where his play declined, he publicly criticized Suns' fans, was arrested along with his brother and was a walking technical foul. Everything came to a head when his brother, Marcus Morris, was traded to the Detroit Pistons.

The Suns forward wouldn't be the first player to come to Memphis and by result have his image improve. Surrounding Morris with veterans that have been in the same place he has been seems like the best option. Zach Randolph, Tony Allen and Matt Barnes have all been where Morris is now. Mike Conley, Courtney Lee and Marc Gasol are veterans with voices that could influence and help younger players.

Even though Morris struggled last season I think he could flourish for the Grizzlies. Coming off the bench he would be able to play in the front court with Gasol, Randolph or Brandon Wright. The Grizzlies would finally be able to go small and not get killed. it'd add another dimension the Grizzlies sorely need.

Shooting only 33% from three point range in his career doesn't make him the dead eye three point shooter some feel the Grizzlies need, but he'd be getting better and more open attempts with the Grizzlies. As long as he stays in the post and/or mid range area and doesn't force anything he will be A-OK in my book.

The Grizzlies would have one of the more interesting benches in the league with Morris on board. Beno Udrih would lead a group of Barnes, Wright and Morris with a little Jordan Adams and Vince Carter's corpse sprinkled in. It could provide the Grizzlies with a nice change of pace and give the starters rest they so dearly need.

The problem with trading for Morris is the Grizzlies may not have anything the Suns want. Chris Wallace would really have to bring in Danny Ainge to sell them on Jeff "Expiring Contract" Green.  After giving up a first round pick in the Green trade the Grizzlies draft pick situation is suboptimal, so they are most likely holding onto those. If anyone wanted anything the Grizzlies have then Danilo Gallinari would maybe (probably only in my dreams) be a Grizzly.

Green is great on paper with the Suns. He'll be able to run and dunk, play next to the two point guards, won't have to be their best perimeter defender and he'd only be there for one year! Unfortunately, Green is always better on paper. So even though Morris' trade value is currently at its lowest point and Green has a $9 million expiring contract, the Grizzlies would have to package Jarnell Stokes, Jarell Martin or Jordan Adams to make the deal worth it.

My guess would be that Stokes would be the first to go. The Grizzlies would no longer be in a position where they have to choose between JaMychal Green and Stokes. Stokes could fit into the Suns system and grow. It'd be an interesting fit. He'd play spot minutes rebounding and running the floor or go to the D-League and grow some more.

It's a long shot, but a long shot the Grizzlies have to explore if they want to stay in the top tier of the Western Conference for the foreseeable future.