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2015-16 Memphis Grizzlies Player Preview: JaMychal Green

After making the team halfway through the Grizzlies' last campaign, JaMychal Green will aim to make more of an impact in the 2015-16 season.

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JaMychal Green 2014-15 Season Stats















The name JaMychal Green was one that was probably unknown to the vast majority of Grizzlies fans prior to the start of the 2014-15 season. However, midway through the season Memphis signed the University of Alabama product to a pair of 10-day contracts, and after the front office liked what they saw he inked a three-year partially guaranteed deal with the team.

To all but the most dedicated Grizzlies fans who sit through the garbage time in which most of Green's minutes come, he's still a mystery. He appeared in only 20 games with Memphis last season, and most of his 139 minutes came once the outcome of the game had already been decided.


When looking at Green's shot chart from last season, almost as immediately apparent as his impact around the rim is the fact that there's really not enough of a sample size to draw any real conclusions from this. Nearly all of Green's offensive production came on put-backs following offensive rebounds or on quick finishes around the rim. According to's player tracking data, 78.9 percent of his shots came without taking a single dribble, and 84.2 percent of his attempts followed a touch that lasted less than two seconds.

Green isn't a Zach Randolph type player that's always looking to seal his man off on the block, take the entry pass, and score with post moves. That's not his game. He is, however, a terrific energy player who can provide a spark off the bench while running the floor and attacking the glass, and he provides much needed depth to the Grizzlies front court. Green also showed some range last year as he was willing to shoot the jump shot and did make a few, but with so few shot attempts that it's difficult to gauge how effective his jumper really is.

JaMychal Green's Ceiling:

Green solidifies himself as the team's backup power forward and plays regular minutes throughout the season. He runs the floor with a slightly faster paced bench unit featuring Brandan Wright and either Beno Udrih or Russ Smith. They could even throw Jeff Green into this lineup and go full dunk city on everybody, but I'm just dreaming at this point. JaMychal stays productive throughout the year, finishing with averages of 4.7 minutes and 2.6 rebounds in about 10-12 minutes of action per game.

JaMychal Green's Floor:

He has a horrendous training camp and gets cut before the season starts. I would be pretty surprised if this happened, but it's not impossible. Memphis signed Yakhouba Diawara to a training camp deal, and if he and Jarnell Stokes excel while Green slumps it's possible that Diawara, who played in the NBA for more than three seasons before going overseas, could be the one suiting up for the Grizzlies this season rather than Green, although that's certainly a long shot.

Likely Scenario:

I actually think Green's likely scenario is right around his ceiling, and the only reason why his ceiling isn't higher is simply because no matter how well he plays, there's just not that many minutes there for him. If we assume Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol average about 32 minutes a game, that leaves 32 minutes on the table for other big men, and summer signee Brandan Wright is likely to get at least 20 of those minutes, leaving Green to fight for scraps.