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Stein Power Rankings: The Memphis Grizzlies are still elite, still looking up

Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

There's life on Mars! No, not really...that we know of. But news just as big is that we now have NBA Power Rankings to get mad at! Marc Stein has released his first set of rankings of the 2015-16 season (or preseason .... or pre-preseason) and you'll be happy to know that the Memphis Grizzlies are still right about where we've been for the past while.

The Grizz are still waiting on the trade out of the West they dream about. They still need more shooting too. But the deals for uber-athletic Brandan Wright (to complement Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph) and Matt Barnes (who was seemingly born to grit 'n' grind) look like sneaky-good moves to keep Memphis in the elite.

It's true. We're still staring up at Houston, OKC, LAC, San Antonio, and Golden State to start the improbable journey (it's technically improbable for the 6 teams ahead of us, too) towards an NBA title. But if the Grizzlies can keep the first aid kit on the shelf, we could see this ranking slowly bubble up towards the top.

What do you all think? Too high? Too low? Just right? Still dumb? Bueller?

FWIW this is better than our first 2014 ranking (9th).