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2015-16 Memphis Grizzlies Player Preview: Jordan Adams

Don't be surprised if Jordan Adams finds himself earning some meaningful minutes during stretches of the 2015-16 season.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

I guarantee this will be the most optimistic article you will ever read about a guy who averaged 8.3 minutes per contest scattered across 30 games last season, spent most of 2014-15 going between the D-league and the NBA, and is coming off of an early August knee scope. Hang in here with me, though.

Jordan Adams' sophomore campaign will certainly not begin with him in the regular rotation. However, it wouldn't be a huge stretch to see Adams grabbing meaningful minutes before the season's end. It's no secret that the Grizzlies are a little long in the tooth at the 2-guard position. Adams currently sits behind Vince Carter (38) and Matt Barnes (35).  Beno Udrih (33) will also see some minutes at the 2. Vince is mostly a 3-point shooter these days and is nowhere near the defender he used to be. Barnes can be, shall we say, mentally unstable at times and is also mainly a role player who hustles on D and hangs around the 3 point line. The Grizzlies' shooting guard position is as unpredictable as it is deep. Whether it be a result of injury or some other circumstance, I'd say it's more likely than not that there are stretches during the season when Adams gets some serious run.

If his time comes to make a substantial contribution, let's hope he's ready. The talent is there. Adams has tons of potential as a perimeter defender and that's the part of his game he will need to step up if he wishes to see regular floor time in 2015-16. At 6'5", he is a little undersized, but he has an undeniable toughness and hopefully enough upper body strength to be capable of keeping his man in front of him. He has on-the-ball skills as he showed during his final year at UCLA when he set the school's single season steals record. He has the ability to lock guys up when he so chooses. If he can borrow a little bit of crazy from Matt Barnes, he should be able to step in and give the Grizz a strong perimeter defensive presence.

The Grizz need Jordan Adams to stop making rookie mistakes and learn to guard NBA talent. These are very realistic expectations for the 2014 first round pick. It also wouldn't hurt for him to improve his outside shooting which would allow him to seamlessly move into the role currently held by Carter. Adams improving enough to find himself in the regular rotation would provide a shot of energy on the floor and allow some of the veterans to play less minutes, which would be invaluable come playoff time. That will be no easy task on Memphis' already loaded roster, but it would definitely be a welcome addition.

It isn't easy to pinpoint exactly how Adams will be used this season. His playing time will be highly predicated on how the guys ahead of him play. I, for one, am hoping that he finds his niche. In the meantime, sit back, relax, and watch him drop 19 on the World Champs. Like I said, the talent is there. Go Grizz.