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Memphis Grizzlies Media Day: GM Chris Wallace sees age as an advantage

Memphis Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace is as positive and encouraged as ever. Here are some of his key quotes from Media Day, courtesy of our own Chip Williams.

"We're going to Santa Barbra for training camp."

"We're doing some work with P3. They test athletes in a variety of ways. They help with injury prevention"

"We're really excited about the two veteran newcomers. You can never have too many veterans on your team"

"We're excited about our young guys. We're optimistic that we can get contributions from them."

"So many players are playing 35 and beyond that I don't think having an older team is a disadvantage. In fact, I think it's an advantage. There's nothing they haven't seen."

"Jeff green gives us a size and versatility advantage that we haven't had before. He's worked very hard in the off season."

"Last year we had one of the healthiest teams in the league. We didn't have any catastrophic injuries. Anything you can do to improve that, we're going to look into (in reference to P3)"

Thoughts: One might be able to argue that Mike Conley getting a Street Fighter II blow to the face in the playoffs was fairly catastrophic. Conley's heroics made it seem like much less of a problem, but that was a pretty big blow. On the Jeff Green note: we'll be hearing a lot of positivity surrounding him as the "full off-season" has given him a new crack at chemistry with the Grizzlies.