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Memphis Grizzlies Media Day: Jarnell Stokes not distracted being at home in Memphis

The Young Bull of Beale, Jarnell Stokes, likes where he's at in his NBA career. He's not frustrated as he realized he's still very young and has room to grow.

"It helped a lot going back and fourth between Iowa and Memphis."

"Never been difficult being back in Memphis. My mom and dad don't allow me to get distracted."

"I liked drake and futures new mixtape. I'm a fan of old school hip hop and I think that goes in department."

Thoughts: It's nice to know that Jarnell is comfortable with his role on the team. It's also good that he's down with the back-and-forth between Iowa and Memphis since he's likely to spend a lot of time with the Energy again this year. I'm still pulling hard as heck for this kid!