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Memphis Grizzlies Media Day: Beno Udrih knows that NBA titles come from the bench

Beno Udrih is back in Memphis to build on a rejuvenation that started when he came to the Grizzlies in the spring of 2014. Beno's getting closer to his athletic twilight, but his experience is still going to be very important to this Memphis Grizzlies bench.

"Any time you don't achieve your goals, you always have a chip on your shoulder."

"It's not easy to win a championship. It's hard mentally and physically."

"We've got a couple of great new additions to the team."

"We want to be better. We're going to work hard in the preseason but we're focused on June."

"Any team that wins's because of the bench. Not just the starters."

Thoughts: Beno was on fire and possessed in the first round of the 2015 playoffs before spraining his ankle. If the Midrange Marauder is healed up from off-season surgery, I think he's in line for another big season in Memphis.