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Memphis Grizzlies Media Day: Zach Randolph says Mike Conley's contract is "taken care of."

Zach Randolph is still in many ways the heart and soul of the Memphis Grizzlies. He's got the package of personality, production and a genuine love for the city. As he begins to possibly take on a reduced role on the court, his emotional leadership will still continue to be very important to this team.

"I wouldn't say the window is closing but it's time to win"

"This is the guys we've been with for a long time and I think that's important"

"I've been through wars with these guys. We know what we've got to do"

"I still think about the last couple of games."

"We've got Mikes contract taken care of. I can't talk about it on camera but we've got it taken care of."

"I tell the young guys to just work hard, listen and pay attention."

"Matt Barnes is a great guy. I've always liked him"

"My approach is going to be whatever I need to do to help this team out. I'm still in my prime"

Thoughts: I love the confidence coming from Z-Bo. This guy doesn't seem to age, and I'm hoping that observation applies to his performance on the court this year. And hey, sounds like we've got nothing to worry about with Mike Conley's contract!