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Memphis Grizzlies Media Day: Tony Allen says he's found a home in Memphis, TN

Tony Allen is always a Media Day favorite due to his penchant for speaking off cuff. During his interview with Pete Pranica on Tony let it be known that he'll be getting back to a strict diet of salmon and mashed potatoes after taking in quite a bit of Benihana's and other less-than-ideal nutrition over the past few weeks.

In related news, sell your Benihana's stock. Their revenue is about to drop by 30-40%.

"We have to be mentally tough during training camp. For the most part, let's just get back to the basics that got us the notoriety and that's defense."

"I ain't no fortune teller. I can't tell you if our window is closing."

"I feel like we've got the right guys this year "

"We had the world kind of nervous last year and injuries got us."

"Memphis has embraced my grit and grind movement.

"I love the city. I can honestly say that I've found a home"

"With this core group that we have and the players we have now, I feel like we have something special."

It's the same group of guys with the same stories, but dammit, they're still pretty special to me even if it's like watching a rerun. I love reruns.