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Memphis Grizzlies Media Day: Matt Barnes worked on "pure shooting" to prep for Grizzlies gig

He's one of us now, Grizz Nation. Matt Barnes is all on board the Memphis Grizzlies train headed to title town. We've talked about what a natural fit this guy is here, and it's all true. This marriage could be a wild addition to the family.

"I worked on a lot of pure shooting during the summer."

"I think the game is changing to go to a lot of stretch fours."

"I'm going to fit in and do what it takes to help this team win."

"I know this team plays a playoff style of basketball so possessions are more valuable."

"I think as long as we stay healthy, we're going to be a big problem."

"I've always admired TA for his toughness".

"I dislike everybody that we play. Memphis was no exception."

"I know that three point shooting is something that this team has lacked in the past and I've been able to shoot the three fairly well throughout my career. I'm going to bring that to this team."

"ZBO is the last of a dying breed and I'm glad I get to play with him."

"To come to a city that embraces you is exciting. The welcoming I've had is something that I didn't expect."

"It's good to be a part of the biggest show in town."

Thoughts: Please, please bring 3-pt shooting. It would make my life so much better for the next 9 months if you can hit those 3s. Barnes definitely speaks as though he's one of us. His familiarity with the Grizzlies gets me pumped.