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Memphis Grizzlies Media Day: Jordan Adams knows where his shots will be within the offense

He comin', yall! NBA sophomore and Grizzlies' cult fan favorite Jordan Adams looks poised to take another step in his NBA career in 2015-16. We saw some of his magic during Grizzlies Summer League, but Adams has been hampered by a knee injury that might slow down his start to the season. It'll be interesting to see if/how/when he cracks that wing rotation.

"I think I made that statement that I can shoot the long ball."

"I'm just staying ready when my name is called."

"I'm day to day with my knee injury. I don't feel quite 100%."

"I'm just trying to find myself a nice niche with the team."

"Going to Iowa last year was a good opportunity to get better."

"I pride and work on my jump shooting and scoring. But I'm working on my defense too. I'm trying to be a two way player."

"I know where my shots are going to be within the offense."

"Our crowd is really fun."

"I really enjoy the new Bass Pro Shop. I'm trying to connect with my country side."

"I think Drake and Futures new mixtape is one of the greatest things to ever happen."

Thoughts: So far the Drake & Future mixtape has proven to be quite a hit with most of the Grizzlies. That aside, I'm really excited and encouraged that Jordan Adams has a good feel for where his shots will be within this Grizzlies offense. Knowing what to do and engraining those motions and muscles memories is so important for young guys.