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Memphis Grizzlies Media Day: John Hollinger says Jarell Martin was clear pick at #25

Johnny Numbers is in the building. President of Basketball Ops John Hollinger showed up on Media Day and gave us some great info regarding the Memphis Grizzlies 2015 NBA draft.

"Analytics weigh heavily in the draft process. But when you're picking at 25 and 44 your number one guy on the board probably won't be there"

"Andrew Harrison ranked really high in our analytics. He played in an offense similar to ours in college where you feed the bigs"

"Jarell Martin ranked highly in our analytics as well. To have a four that can handle the ball and is versatile is valuable. Once we got to 25, we knew he was the pick"

Thoughts: If Hollinger really signed off on Jarell Martin then I can manage to make myself feel a little bit better about the pick. Either he saw traits in Martin he liked or he got pretty good at rehearsing that line over the past three months. I don't think Chris Wallace has the trump card in the draft room like he has in year's past. It's a new age, y'all.