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Memphis Grizzlies Media Day: First look at Jarell Martin in a Grizz uniform

Nick Laham/Getty Images

Well, Jarell Martin takes a nice picture and looks great in a Memphis Grizzlies uniform, but unfortunately we won't be seeing him wear that uniform on the court anytime soon. The rookie was still upbeat at Media Day, however:

"The injury is my fifth metatarsal. I met with the doctor today and the process is going great."

"They told me when I first had the surgery hat it would take three months and we'll reevaluate after three months."

"I've got to be focused and watching training camp. It's tough not being out there."

"I am a versatile big. I've got to bring a lot of athleticism. I can run the floor really well."

Heal up, good sir. We'll need you on down the line.

Photo credit: Nick Laham/Getty Images