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Memphis Grizzlies Media Day: Vince Carter took little time off, no vacations for the summer of 2015

Half man, half amazing. 100% cryogenically preserved. I've made no secret about how much I love Vince Carter playing for the Memphis Grizzlies. Yes, I know he's old and was a major disappointment on the court last season. No, I won't stop believing he's about to have one last great season. FWIW he is looking a bit slimmer these days. Some guys have to lose that "Memphis 15" they gain when they have easy access to BBQ pork.

"I feel great. I'm all systems go."

"I started feeling a lot better towards the end of the year."

"I was trying to heal up while still playing."

"I think we get good shots in this offense but just not as frequently as some other more free flowing offense. It took some getting used to."

"I'm easy, I'm willing to do whatever or play whatever position."

"I feel good about the work I put in this summer. I took very little time off and took no vacations."

"I didn't document my work or anything this summer. I'd rather go out and show you what I've worked on."

"I've played with Matt and Brandan before. I guess when you've been around as long as I have you play with everybody."

"We have a lot of guys that can play a lot of different positions that can help us for sure."

"I got the chance to practice with the summer league team. I got to see Russ. He had an unbelievable summer. He's going to make his teammates better. Jordan and Jarnell are now comfortable. They know what to expect now. Keeping them ready is the thing. I was really impressed with all of those guys. I was a young guy at one point and I know to have someone there encouraging you really helps."

"We're a smart team, very savvy. We know the time is now."

"I like being in this position."

Thoughts: I'm even more ridiculously excited after reading those quotes than I was before in the intro paragraph. Just clap your hands, close your eyes and believe. Okay, one thing of interesting note, however: Vince had to get used to the infrequency of good shots in the Grizzlies offense.