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NBPA is trying to get Matt Barnes' money back

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the NBPA (Player's Association) is attempting to get Matt Barnes a refund on the 2-game suspension he paid for beating up Derek Fisher. From Yahoo Sports:

Barnes served a two-game suspension in late December, but NBPA executive director Michele Roberts is appealing to spare Barnes the loss of $64,000 in salary, sources said.

The NBA did not announce a punishment for Fisher. The league's investigation determined that Barnes was the instigator of the confrontation. Fisher alerted authorities, including police and the Knicks, in the immediate aftermath of the incident.

The Grizzlies play the Knicks in Memphis on Saturday.

The report mentions nothing on why the NBPA is filing this grievance on Barnes' behalf. I guess it's just their auto-function, but there has to be some reasoning other than "C'mon, man!"

Sixty-four grand is a lot of money, no matter your bank account. But this begs the question: what does Matt Barnes do with that $64,000 if he gets it back? Give us your answers in the comments.