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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Detroit

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Pistons fans. Hats off to my friends over at Detroit Bad Boys. Y'all are hilarious. Also, I'm sorry.

Pre-game views

-Worried about the dooooom squad coming out. probably means Grizz 178, Pistons -12, and FIAR SVG and TRADE EVERYONE in a cacophony, but hey, I like being wrong as much as I like being right.

-***k Matt Barnes!

-Zach Randolph starts. damn you Dave

In-game views

-I hate Chalmers so much.

-Please please don't let this be a big night for Chalmers

-Did Andre shave his shoulders? I think he did!

-God I wish we had LAimbeer on the team to gift Barnes a nice elbow to the chops

-Uh oh, it's Half Man Half Old-Man, Vince Carter.

-***k Matt Barnes.

-No Conley and Reggie still refuses to play offense or defense
Just play Jennings

-This is such a terrible offensive team. it's a miracle we've found a way to let them get almost 50

-I really like the Grizz announcers. They know their basketball and call things out the way they see them for both teams.

-Somebody is going to think they still have the hot hand and start doing something stupid. Let's hope it's Matt Barnes.

-Matt Barnes is to basketball what a camera is to the rectum.

-What .. just .. happend?! Wooooooooo! Are we really going to win now?

-Good news, Memphis got all their good shooting out of the way. This will be an easy win, from here on out.

-I'm going to beat the s*** out of Barnes

-Pretty sure Barnes just said, "Nice going, young fella," to Stanley on the way back up the floor. They were both kinda smiling.

-Not again

-F*** me.

-How the hell could the Pistons lose 2 games like this to the same team.

-i officially hate the memphis grizzlies.

-F*** THE GRIZZLIES I hope they lose every f***ing game. F*** every one of them.

Post-game views

-Twice this year by the luckiest shots ever

-The basketball gods owe us a couple

-I hate Memphis now, undeserving asswipes.

-This was bad coaching by SVG at the end, tbh. Should've called timeout w/ 28 secs left to set up a good shot.

-I used to like the Grizzlies. That is no longer the case

-So now Knicks will beat the Grizzlies by 25 on Saturday jus cuz

-Memphis got me feelin' like they gross-ass ribs. Salty as f***.

-Mario sure has come a long way from drinking Lebron's ball sweat.

-Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue!