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Recapping the Enemy: The View From New York

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Knicks fans

Pre-game views

- Love will indeed be in the air. Barnes, a deeply heartbroken man coming off a pathetic year in 2015, looks to fight for redemption and for the woman he loves

- Memphis will be fired up, playing for their teammate.

- damn, crazy how they collapsed like this. all the same players as last year. just doing bad due to age.

- shame they could never find that scoring wing. could have gotten a ring a couple of years back. they **** up drafting oj mayo. prime Klove would fit perfectly with that squad

- Feels like I'm about to watch a boxing match instead of a basketball game

In-game views

- Zbo looks just like Eddie Winslow from Family Matters

- we are lucky to get out of that quarter with the score in our favor

- The ball really does gravitate to Zbo I've never seen anything like it

- Memphis is literally holding KP every time

- Marc Gasol is like the best big man out there in the nba....very versatile

- We should have Amundson on Zbo to get the mental edge

- Elliot Williams is realizing pretty quick that this is not the D league.

- Four offensive rebounds in a single possession by Memphis equals "game over" for NY.

- No Conley. No problem. When jose is our point guard

- Gasol coming out of the game after he made the entire Knick front line his bitches.

Post-game views

- Bad coaching, the grizzlies are slow as heck we should of went in to this with a game plan of running them out of gas,

- I knew going to Memphis was gonna be a tough task no matter what, but Melo’s injury put a lot of pressure on Lopez and Kristaps to hold Gasol and ZBo in check without much help

- KOQ was just bullied by Gasol all night. They really need to get rid of him and Seraphin.

- We should've had enough points to beat Mem with Afflalo and DWill

- You could have come here, Marc. It would have been fun. So much triangulating.