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Grizzlies re-sign center Ryan Hollins which means they don't need as much Mike Conley insurance

Elliot Williams out. Ryan Hollins in.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Ryan Hollins continues to the booty call of the Memphis Grizzlies. Elliot Williams was not given another 10-day contract following the conclusion of his first, and now Dave Joerger has the big frame of Ryan Hollins back in his arsenal.

What's somewhat disappointing about this is that we now (again) have another old guy on the roster. What's somewhat encouraging about this is that Memphis feels as though they do not need ball-handling guard (Mike Conley) insurance for another 10 days. Conley has missed the past 6 games with an achilles injury, and there was even a heart-stopping moment that came with this tweet:

Dr. Azar being a surgeon and Campbell Clinic being an orthopaedic facility. So perhaps there was good news that came from that meeting and we'll be seeing Mike Conley back with the Grizzlies today or sometime this week.


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