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Report Card: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Denver Nuggets

The grades for the Griz against the Nuggets

Grizzlies Report Card

Memphis Grizzlies 102- Denver Nuggets 101

Coach Dave Joerger

Grade: B... No, B+

Coach had a decent game coaching today, but there were some things I did not agree with. I had liked the idea of having Matt Barnes in as a starting small forward as Tony Allen was out and Jeff Green has been abysmal, but Barnes did not have a good game, and to give him 30 minutes? Rough...I mean it's not like there were any better options to back him up...actually ,you know what? That whole argument was STUPID. Joerger did what he could. You get a B+ coach for gutting out a tough win (and calling a great game-winning play out of timeout).

Mike Conley: 26 MINS/20 PTS/5-9 FGS/2 ASTS/-12

Grade: B

Conley had an efficient night from the field. 5 of 9 from the field, 2 of 3 from downtown, and 8 of 10 from the charity stripe are all great numbers. I would have liked to see more assists, though. 2 assists from your floor general is not gonna cut it for me, under any circumstances. But those shooting numbers were good, so I'll give him the B, and stand by it proudly. And you should too.

Courtney Lee: 35 MINS/10 PTS/4-6 FGS/4 REBS/+10

Grade: B

Lee also had a solid floor game. I liked what he brought from the field, but I'm still stuck with my same two issues I always have with Courtney Lee. 6 FGAs from my starting shooting guard? C'mon Lee, step it up! On a team that has a dearth of three point shooting, a capable shooter like Lee should not only take more threes, but he should also MAKE more threes. 0-2 is not gonna cut it. I'm almost used to this kind of game from Lee now, as I'm sure all of you are. At least we know what we're gonna get from him, more or less.

Matt Barnes: 35 MINS/7 PTS/3-10 FGS/7 REBS/5 ASTS/-5

Grade: C+

I want to give Barnes a failing grade. I really, really do. he went 3 for 10 from the field. He took 7 threes... and came away with only one make. just horrible shooting from someone who was taking so many shots. But you know what won me over? He hustled. Along the way he picked up 7 rebounds and 5 assists. He just had an all around solid game aside from shooting, and although I couldn't let him off the hook for that, I could sweeten the deal for him. So let's just say I graded him on the curve.

Zach Randolph: 29 MINS/13 PTS/5-7 FGS/6 REBS/-1

Grade: B

Z-Bo played well. I was glad to see him on the floor for so long (which was partly out of necessity, but still) Randolph stuck to his ground bound game, netted 5 out of 7 shot attempts, and grabbed a couple of rebounds. Defensively I could ask for a little more, but he did well. Not that much to say, to be honest. Let's keep going.

Marc Gasol: 35 MINS/27 PTS/9-14 FGS/6 REBS/+12

Grade: A+

Gasol was Magnificent. Not only did he pile on 27 points, he also finished with a team high 6 assists. Did I not mention that he hit the go-ahead and-one to seal the deal? Oh yeah, he totally owned this game and left his prints all over it. 9-10 from the free throw line and 3 blocks thrown in as well?  And a one leg dirk fade away plus the foul in the third quarter??? Oh yeah, you mastered this lesson Mr. Gasol. Bring the skills you've used here with you to Minnesota.

Jeff Green 21 MINS/9 PTS/ 3-9 FGS/4 REBS/+7

Grade: C

You win Jeff, you win. I can't even understand how I can give you a C for this but here I am. There's nothing positive I can really say. Thanks for the four rebounds. I'm sure they were instrumental in the win. This is just the usual Jeff Green game, I suppose. I'll see you in Minny.

JaMychal Green:14 MINS/ 7 PTS/3-4 FGS/2 REBS/0 on +/-

Grade: A

JaMychal made the most of his minutes on the floor. 3 out of 4. and a three thrown in there? Good job JaMychal. I think you're starting to officially take the title of "the best J.Green". Next time though, let's get some more rebounds. you're too big to only take down 2 boards.

Mario Chalmers: 21 PTS/5 PTS/ 2-7 FGS/6 ASTS/+12

Grade: B-

Chalmers played well. He finished tied with Gasol with a game high 6 assists, and he had 3 rebounds. 2-7 from the field and 1-4 from behind the arc isn't going to impress anyone, but a good floor game for him. He finished with a +12 and his presence was felt. I feel OK giving him a B-.

Vince Carter: 8 MINS/-11

8 minutes of totally forgettable play with missed shots and an assist thrown in. I hate to say it, and it's really kind of obvious, but yeah. The writing is not only on the wall, but it's in bold bright letters. Let's call it a day after this season Vince. You've been in this class too long.

Grade: INC

Ryan Hollins: 12 MINS/4 PTS/4 REBS/-12

You made the most of your minutes Hollins, I thank you for that.

Grade: INC

DNP:COACH'S DECISION (Injury): Tony Allen

DNP: Right Knee Surgery: Brandan Wright, Jordan Adams.

That's all folks, I'll catch up on y'all real soon.