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Grizzly Bear Blues is looking for help with game coverage!

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First staff expansion for 2016!

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Hello everyone! I'm going to keep this post a little more personal than I have in the past because I'd really love to get the diehard GBBers involved on this action. You guys know this team and, as regular readers, you know the pulse of the site.

I wish I was paid to cover and discuss every game, but I will admit that I need some help to keep it all chugging along. It's again time to expand the GBB staff so we can incorporate some fresh blood and maybe give someone an opportunity to explore the world of blogging. I, myself, started out on my journey by just randomly deciding to recap a game one night. We're in the snowball business here at Grizzly Bear Blues!

What I Need

I need people who want to help with game coverage. This includes:

(Each of those will link to examples.)

What Are Those Things?

Game Previews: These tip off the game coverage and are published the morning of the game. Previews need to be between 150-500 total words. The goal here is to provide the game information, to update readers on any relevant news regarding lineups or playing time, and to convey something you will be paying attention to during the game. Game previews can generally follow a specific formula without having to incorporate a lot of creativity. These are good for people who have time to write later in the evening as they will need to be finalized before the morning of the game.

Quick Recaps: This is something that's all but exclusive to GBB. It's one of our specialties here. These recaps are posted within 30 minutes of the end of the game. The formula here is pretty open, but they obviously need to be under 500 words to be finished in time. The goal is to provide the final score, your reaction as a fan, and any notable developments like injuries, benchings, monster performances, awful performances, etc. Including Vines/video/GIFs is great for quick recaps so familiarity with obtaining those is key. These are good for people who can quickly digest information and summarize action on the fly. Writing quick recaps usually requires you start your composition during the game and add notes as you go. For those of you in school: this type of journalism is the wave of the future.

Full Recaps: Many times the full impact of a single game isn't felt immediately. Additional perspective can be gained by stewing on the results for a while. Full recaps are articles published the morning/afternoon following games that take a deeper look at what transpired the night before. My intention with these articles is to give readers insight into a single aspect of the game rather than to summarize all of the action, but game logs/diaries/journals/livejournals are also appropriate for this category. Full recaps can be much longer than 500 words. These are good for people who have availability to write late at night or early in the morning. If you sit at a desk and have free time in the morning then this could be right up your alley. These are also perfect for those of you who enjoy breaking down film and analyzing plays.

Report Cards: The timeframe for composing report cards is basically the same as full recaps, but report cards do not have to be nearly as involved or in-depth. The goal here is to provide the statistical performances of the Grizzlies' coach and players, give them each a grade, and provide a brief comment on the performance. This is very formulaic and is a great way to dip your toes into blogging if you're still finding your voice. Conversely, they can also provide a very creative outlet as I fully support different methods of "grading". A couple of my favorites have been "Hangover Remedies" and "Vintage Arcade Games".

Recapping the Enemy: This is also a GBB exclusive born from the brain of our own Craig Fielder. Craig still does a lot of these, but there are opportunities for others to get involved – and honestly it's one of the most fun things to do! Recapping the Enemy is a post that's published the following day of the game. It features selected comments from online forums of the opposition. You don't have to worry about finding those forums. Craig and I can direct you to where you need to look. All we need is someone who can find the most entertaining comments and provide a good sample of what opposing fans are talking about. Copy/paste, copy/paste ... you don't have to provide any original material. You just need a good sense of humor and time after the game to peruse through threads of comments about how much people hate Matt Barnes.

What Is The Deadline For The Coverage?

  • Game Previews: Must be completed by 9:00AM CT the morning of the game.
  • Quick Recaps: Must be completed within 30 minutes of games' conclusions, so you're usually done by 10PM.
  • Full Recaps: Must be completed by 10:00AM CT the day after the game. Earlier is preferable.
  • Report Cards: Must be completed by 12:00PM CT the day after the game. Earlier is preferable.
  • Recapping the Enemy: Must be completed sometime the day following the game.

What Are The Requirements?

You need some kind of experience writing words in some form, but your level of experience can be accommodated most of the time. If you're not all that comfortable with writing then Recapping the Enemy or Report Cards might be for you. Game Previews are also a good stepping stone for less experienced writers. Quick and Full Recaps require a little more skill because of the deadlines involved.

If you want to make the commitment and officially be a part of the GBB Staff you'll need to be able to provide at least (1) game coverage post per week, or a total of (4) posts a month. Any type of game coverage post qualifies.

If you can't commit to those numbers, you can still contribute to game coverage, you just won't be displayed on the Masthead until you hit those marks.

I Know How To Write But I'm Not Good With Computers

Don't fear. It's probably waaay easier than you think it is. We'll provide you with training and walkthroughs to familiarize you with our editing program. It's all done through our website so you don't need any special software. Anything that let's you access GBB will allow you to compose articles (things with keyboards helps though).

Is There Money Involved?

No, there isn't monetary compensation for contributing to game coverage. But starting in February I will begin an incentive program that rewards the highest game coverage contributor with a Fan Essentials subscription. You'll also be a part of the coolest Grizzlies clique on the planet and get to chat with all of the great minds here.

How Do I Start?

Email me at or just drop a comment below to start a dialogue!