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Ten of the Most Interesting Memphis Grizzlies listings on eBay

Hope you have your wallets ready.

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Who doesn't love a good yard sale?  I've gone through bazaar that is eBay and found ten of the weirdest, coolest and most interesting Memphis Grizzlies related items available right now. We'll start at the bottom (literally) and work our way up to number one.

10. Ridiculously Priced Josh Selby trading card

Price: $399.99

This could also qualify for Most Hilarious Thing on the Internet. I don't care if it's graded/certified or how many times Selby has signed the card. I literally don't think there's anything you could do to a Josh Selby trading card that would make it remotely worth $399.99. You would have to get multiple US Presidents and astronauts to sign it and then dip it in $395's worth of gold. Even then I'm offering $350.

9. Jarnell Stokes' First Game-Worn Jersey

Price: $450.00

Earlier I tweeted out that these Jeff Green shoes might be the saddest thing on eBay, but the debut jersey of Memphis' own Jarnell Stokes is on up there too. It's listed for $450 but currently sitting at $300 for an opening bid. You'd have to be a really devoted fan to even drop that much. Maybe someone in Jarnell's family will get wind of it and bring it home. Hopefully that's not who's currently selling it haha.

8. Marc Gasol Lifesize Growth Chart Banner

Price: $19.90

It's nothing too remarkable, but it would be a nice piece of memorabilia for someone's man or womancave. At $20 with free shipping that seems quite reasonable for the spitting image of Big Spain.

7. Grizzlies Print: Memphis Landmarks Lettering

Price: $25.00

This would honestly rank a little higher if it was licensed and/or if I knew more about it. This print is pretty awesome though. You've got "GRIZZLIES" spelled out in lettering from different Memphis landmarks. I recognize Gibson's, both guitar and donut if I'm not mistaken, Rendevous, Earnestine & Hazel's ... that's it at first glance, but I'd love to know what all of them are. Even blindly paying $25 for this near-3-foot-long print seems like a great deal.

6. Lego Pau Gasol

Price: $7.95

I find this pretty hilarious more than anything, and it's a legit, licensed Lego piece. It originally came in a pack with Ray Allen and Tim Duncan, but there are plenty of single Pau's for sale. ¡Todo es asombroso!

5. Memphis Grizzlies World Champion Wrestling Belt

Price: $69.99

These belts were instantly classic memorabilia before they were even given out to the public. This could very well be one of the more valuable pieces down the line, especially as the Grizzlies continue to develop their wrestling night themes. Seventy bucks is a steep price for what is actually a scale-size belt that only tiny people can wear, but $69.99 is actually a deal compared to what they normally sell for.

4. Pau Gasol Bobblehead

Price: $39.95

This is the quintessential Grizzlies loot from the inaugural season, given out in March of 2002. That might seem like a pretty steep hefty amount to pay, but they didn't make a gazillion of these AND they're very hard to find in premium condition like this one.

3. Memphis Grizzlies 2001-02 Inaugural Media Guide

Price: $6.95

A media guide definitely isn't the most unique item for a sports collector, but this one jumps way up on my list because of the significance, the appearance and the price. I love, love, love stuff with the original Vancouver-style logo but with the "Memphis" label. Seven dollars also seems extremely reasonable for something that could appreciate down the line.

2. "Believe Memphis" Growl Towel from 2013 Playoffs

Price: $15.99

The 2013 Growl Towel could be one of if not the most precious piece of memorabilia that would have been widely available to fans. They made thousand upon thousands of these, but it represents what is possibly the greatest run this franchise may see for the foreseeable future. Sixteen bucks is a steal IMO, especially since the seller says it's been in storage since 2013. It might feel a little cheesy to some, but I love the "Believe Memphis" theme/look. It's simple, classic, and the sponsor logos are really small. One of you needs to buy this thing!

1. Vintage Grizzlies Foam Claw - Inaugural Season

Price: $19.99

The coolest Grizzlies item on eBay right now! Remember, I said I love that old logo with Memphis' name, and this is way cooler than a media guide. This would look badass on display in someone's collection. It's in really good condition, and $20 is a fantastic price.

Let me know if you find anything else interesting for sale and post links in the comments!