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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Minnesota

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Timberwolves fans

Pre-game views

- Two of my most hated players in the league on the Grizz - Matt Barnes and Vince Carter.

- Joeger wants to coach the Wolves

- Jorger should let us win to make us look good, build confidence, and help his chances of getting fired so he can come to the promised land.

In-game views

- Grizz hitting shots and we aren't, otherwise good effort to start

- Of course another buzzer freaking beater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Refs have been very wolves friendly this game.

- Lol Barnes...thug life. Sorry Wiggy.

- shabazz is just destroying tonight, love this guy

- Shabazz now getting triple teamed

- Grizzlies are set up nicely to screw us like every other team in this spot

- Chalmers is such a little biatch

- WTF Carter trying to fight Towns? Okay I understand now why VC is hated...

- Man we are in a clutch battle with one of the most clutch teams in the league.

- Barnes is frothing at the mouth. It's like every time the ball goes through the hoop for him he sees his fist going through Derek Fishers face.

- Jeff Green padding our defensive FG% stats for the cherry on top

Post-game views

- Joerger is married to the Grizzlies but he's been sexting the wolves for some time now. Just a matter of time before they consummate the relationship....

- I am so pumped up right now I could go to exercise outside at 4:40 am. What a good match and nice ending

- Does losing to the wolves qualify (Memphis) for a team meeting?

- I really don't see where this fascination for Joerger comes from.

- From everything I have heard from other coaches and such, Joerger is awesome. I buy it.