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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Orlando

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Magic fans.

Pre-game views

- Hope this is the start to the turnaround we desperately need.

- I know Memphis has been trying to play small more but at the end of the day, they are still a grind it out, physical type of ball club that attempt to beat teams in the half court and play sound defense. Hopefully this is the game we finally decide to push the pace but who really knows with Skiles and his game plan

- I'm betting on either Barnes or Green having big games tonight.

- Z-bo is going to be a tough matchup for Aaron defensively.. too big and long

In-game views

- Courney Lee goat? dipo and evan cant guard him for crap

- Man Green is scoring at will. Doing whatever he wants

- Jeff Green on pace for around 40 points.

- Giving up 3's to Memphis of all teams. Other than that and some careless turnovers it was ok.

- Weird Stat line for gasol... 0 rebs, 5 ast.

- The most impressive thing is that we are forcing the tempo and style of play in MEMPHIS!

- Gasol must have been benched for being soft.

- Jeff Green running wild. Where is the defense?

- Grizz are beating themselves. We're lucky they're not making putbacks.. but I'll take it.

- I was gonna say GAME! NICE CLOSEOUT! and then we let them walk in

- This team is brain dead.

- 5 more mins of this lineup.....I don't know if I can take that.

- Green playing over ZBO because he's having a great game but Skiles can't play Gordon

- Joeger had the presence of mind to exploit a matchup by making a sub. What a thought

- 2 points in overtime. They might as well just forfeit and save time for the trip to Mil.

Post-game views

- Well... I just visited for the first time this year...

- I feel like a sixers fan right now

- The only thing to do is to trade Fournier away because skiles thinks that he is our best player.

- I was truly looking forward to 50% off my Papa John's pizza tomorrow. Now I’m pissed!

- Let’s just not forget that this is a loss against Memphis in Memphis. It’s not a loss against Philadelphia at home. BIGdifference

- I'm blaming this one on the bought and paid for refs. Harris was pushed in the back on that inbounds play at the end of regulation. Memphis was all over him. That was a FOUL.

- Add Jeff Green to the list of Magic killers, as his 30 points and 8 rebounds off the bench was the first time ever that a reserve has had at least a 30+ point, 8+ rebound game against Orlando.