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GBBLive Recap: Least Liked Grizzlies & More with Chris Faulkner & Phillip Dean!

Miss the live recording of GBBLive on BlogTalkRadio with Host Joe Mullinax, Guests Phillip Dean and Chris Faulkner, and your last shot at a free Fan Essential's subscription? Listen to it here now.

Andrew Millen

The General Manager of the Memphis Grizzlies, Chris Wallace, seems to think that the Grizzlies are not in need of a trade to change their fortunes. Does the GBBLive crew agree? That and much more on the latest episode of Grizzly Bear Blues' flagship podcast! Check out the show in the player below or by using this link.

Host Joe Mullinax was joined by GBB's Managing Editor Chris Faulkner (in his usual Grizzly Bear News segment) and Phillip Dean of 3 Shades of Blue Radio on Sports 56 WHBQ Memphis on this week's episode. The guys ran down Memphis' most recent win over the Orlando Magic, the struggles of Marc Gasol, and where the value of future trades lies for the Memphis Grizzlies. Chris also announced a new GBB/I Love Memphis/Fan Essentials watch part for February 5th, and Phillip and Joe preview the next three games on the Grizzlies schedule.

All this and so much more on the latest episode of GBBLive! Be sure to listen at the end of the show for your chance to win a three-month subscription to Fan Essentials, our great sponsor, and also subscribe to the podcast on ITunes so that you never miss another episode. Follow us on Twitter @GBBLive for the latest updates about the show!

We return to the BlogTalkRadio airwaves with a new episode on February 4th at 6:30 PM CT! Until then, grind forth, Grizz Nation, this is GBBLive!