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The Chip Williams Podcast with Omer Yusuf Grizz/Tigers/NBA Edition

Omer Yusuf, sports editor of The Daily Helmsman, makes his podcast debut.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Omer Yusuf, sports editor of The Daily Helmsman and former sports intern for The Commercial Appeal, joins the podcast to talk Grizz, Tigers and all things NBA.

We started off the podcast by touching on a number of Grizz topics including how the rest of this season might play out, what the Grizz should look for in the trade market as the deadline approaches and which of their free agents might return next season (also, I'm not giving up on Jordan Adams like some have).

We then went around the league and talked about this incredible rookie class and who we've been impressed with. I asked Omer if he thinks anyone can beat the Warriors this season after what they were able to do to the Spurs. We also talked about what the future of the NBA big man looks like with the league going smaller and smaller.

We finished up the podcast by talking about Josh Pastner and the Memphis Tigers. I asked Omer, as someone who covers the Tigers very closely, if there was any possibility of Pastner repairing his image and public perception as a basketball coach in Memphis. If the Tigers were to make a move this off-season, we threw out a few names that might make sense at potential replacements.

Thanks to Fan Essentials for sponsoring The Chip Williams Podcast. I'll have more details about some giveaways we'll be working over the next couple of weeks.

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