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Report Card: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Milwaukee Bucks

Grades from the Grizzlies vs the Bucks

Grizzlies 103 - Bucks 83

Coach Dave Joerger

Grade: A

I really can't be happier that Joerger has gone back to the original "Grit and Grind" Grizzlies starting lineup for the last couple of games and has kept it. Tonight notwithstanding, I think Z-Bo and especially Tony Allen have shown why, at least on this Grizzlies team, they deserve to be in the starting lineup. All in all though, good game from Coach, especially in beating down this younger, freakishly long Bucks team.

Guards: Mike Conley- 20 MINS, 5 PTS, 9 ASTS/ Courtney Lee- 24 MINS, 13 PTS, 50% From Field/ Mario Chalmers - 27 MINS, 7 PTS, 10 ASTS/ Vince Carter- 8 MINS, 3 PTS

Grade: A

The guards played well tonight, with the ball movement looking crisp and the assists coming in abundance. Between Conley and Chalmers alone there were 19 assists, which is great to see. Conley had an off shooting night (1-8) but between an efficient game by Lee and a 20 point win, all is forgiven. I was really happy to see the three main guards in the rotation get at least 20 mins, they all had time to make their presence felt on the floor. And combined, they were all a +40. What a time to be alive.

Forwards: Jeff Green- 31 MINS, 21 PTS, 5 REBS/ Tony Allen-28 MINS, 13 PTS, 7 REBS/ Zach Randolph- 20 MINS 8 PTS, 3 REBS/ Matt Barnes- 24 MINS, 13 PTS, 4 REBS, 2 ASTS/ Jamychal Green- 5 MINS Played

Grade: A

Just like the guards, the Grizzly forwards had a great game when looked at in conjunction, with only one dim light on an otherwise bright note. Jeff Green followed up his tremendous 30 point performance in Orlando with a solid 21 point performance tonight, again being aggressive, picking his spots, and being generally efficient. Tony Allen continues his mini resurgence in the starting lineup with 13 points and 7 rebounds, and Matt Barnes also played well, hustling as always. Z-Bo had a little bit of a down game (only 8 points on 8 shots), but with the way the rest of the Grizzly forwards played, that can be easily overlooked and attributed to just an off night (which it probably was anyway).

Centers: Marc Gasol- 28 MINS, 15 PTS, 8 REBS, 4 ASTS/ Ryan Hollins- 17 MINS, 5 PTS, 4 REBS

Grade: A+

Gasol was brilliant tonight, once again showing off a well-rounded stat sheet as he appears to be getting into mid-season form (as well as what Grizzly fans likely expected when he was given his massive extension this summer).  I really liked how he's been playing and I definitely feel like if we were seeing this from him earlier in the season, he'd be in the All-Star game this February. Ryan Hollins also got some good minutes and was productive. I really like what I'm seeing from him and Conley with the pick and roll when they're in together.

Thank's y'all, until next time.

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