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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Sacramento

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Kings fans.

Pre-game views

- Knowing how schizophrenic this team is, we will beat the Grizzlies!

- We could really use the win. I'm a little worried Cousins may be burning out.

- I don't think we're going to beat Memphis tonight. The person who worries me most is actually Tony Allen. He's going to frustrate our shooters.

- I think Gasol might cause a few problems for Cousins today. Good thing? Memphis doesn't have a team full of 3pters...but they'll probably take a lot of 3pt shots anyways. Look out for Chalmers.

In-game views

- What the **** is up with our entire defensive philosophy? I don't understand this poopoo. How the hell do we give up 36pts to the Grizzlies in 1 entire damn quarter?

- Honestly, what would some of the other head coaches in the league do when their team is playing this type of defense?

- Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Take my leg!

- Good night, fellow Kings fans. I'm too old to waste an entire evening watching this. Besides, I'd forgotten how good the first Jaws movie really is - so the night isn't a total loss.

- I'd trade Collison......dude is just not very good.

- Guess I was right about Jeff Green after all.

- I look away for a second...suddenly only down 11.

- After first 24 minutes have only one thing to say... I'm offended! No two things... bartender another drink please.

- I think this team will have a new look by next season.

- Can't wait to hear the "They punched us hard from the start and we didn't fight back/we're not good at responding to adversity" speech post game.

- I thought Cousins had learned not to dribble the ball up the court...

- 2 times we have had 3 on 1 and from those two we have 0 points.

- Rudy!!! We have a game.

- Heads beginning to explode in Memphis...

- If we win I am gonna be dumbfounded.

- Wow down by 4. Is this gonna be a come back?

- Win or lose this could help our momentum for the future.

- **** Marc Gasol.

- Marc Gasol is a piece of s***.


- This team's so dumb, my god...

- Typical Kings.............

Post-game views

- I didn't realize Cousins had to be carried off the court, I have to say though, for a 270 pound man, his ankles sure have taken a beating this season. Hell, his body has taken a beating come to think of it.

- Just can't shake that 1-7 start.

- I just don't see this group ever figuring it out on defense.

- Looks like the players have zoned out George Karl... at least Ben is playing well.

- So that 5 game winning streak we went on has pretty much been undone! Back to the pack and relying on others to drop games while we keep dropping ours.

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