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The Chip Williams Podcast with Kevin Yeung - Grizz/NBA Edition

Resident NBA expert Kevin Yeung joins the podcast to talk all things Grizz and NBA.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports


Kevin Yeung from this very site, Welcome to Loud City and HP Basketball makes his podcast debut, and we talked about a whole bunch of stuff. Basketball, mostly.

We started by shouting out Plies and his 'ran off on the plug twice' frenzy that has swept the nation over the last 24 hours. Congrats to Plies for being relevant in 2016.

We moved on to talking about a whole bunch of different Grizz stuff including their playoff chances/outlook and what their best starting five is right now.

We looked at the 2016 off-season, and whether Jeff Green, Courtney Lee, Matt Barnes and Mario Chalmers will be back.

The trade deadline is not too far off, so we looked at whether or not the Grizz can and will make a move.

Rodney Hood torched the Grizz the other night. Are Grizz fans justified in being upset that they drafted Jordan Adams before Hood?

We moved on to more general NBA stuff like Will Barton being the best bench player in the NBA (Kevin disagrees), Markief Morris' trade value, C.J. McCollum playing out of his mind, the Spurs and Kawhi, and the summer of 2016 free agency.

Finally, Kevin compared What A Time To Be Alive to an NBA player. Stuff got weird. You're going to want to check it.

Big shouts to Fan Essentials for becoming the presenting sponsor of the podcast. I'll have more details on that later.