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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Portland

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Blazers fans.

Pre-game views

- Dame is going to be activated but I hope the team doesn't rely on the fact that he is back and let down a bit. Conley might be out and he gives Dame fits so that would certainly help Portland.

- Hope this isn't canceled. I've been really looking forward to it.

- If Conley is out, that will be the 3 game out of the last 4 they are facing a diminished roster. Take advantage while they can.

In-game views

- I don't know what I'm watching. Does it pass for basketball?

- Will either team get to 10 points in the quarter? This is pathetic.

- Blazers look tight and unclear on how to attack the Griz defense (luckily, same is true of the Griz)...some of it i'm sure is having Lillard back in the mix, but players sure looked like they understood their roles a lot better in the past 7 games.

- CJ is kryptonite for the Grizz.

- Has anyone punched Matt Barnes in the face yet?

- How bad are Memphis to only be up by 4 points against what we are giving

- Curious to see if it opens up a bit in the 2nd half...hard to believe that the Blazers are even in this game.

- This **** is ugly

- Damn I wish zbo was a blazer for life. This guy never falls off

- Game over. We wouldn't even win if the Grizzlies never scored another point.

- 8 quick 3pt shots and we're right back in this!

- Man zbo is so underrated

- Grizz just kicked our butts...get the next one..Go Blazers!

Post-game views

- I'm really glad this version of the Blazers doesn't complain to the officials after every single call...

- worst game of the year so far?

- Memphis made sure the game was thick and physical, and Portland wasn't up to the task. Rough game all around for the Blazers. Z-Bo was amazing for Memphis. Maybe the bench gig will pay off?

- The Grizz are a bit of mess though, if not for ZBo. Gasol Green Conley all 3-12FG, plus Barnes and they got a pretty bad starting 5. Wouldn't be surprised if the Jazz and some hot shot team(Wolves? Kings?) bumped them or the Rockets out of the playoffs.

- Is Conley losing himself some money? Probably gets paid anyway, but he is having a bad year.

- God I hate Memphis. The Asshole of this beautiful Nation.

- Ugh. Of all the games I wanted this team to lose, it was NOT against this team. I f*****g hate Memphis. Every time I see Butterball and Gasol, I just want to smash them in the face with a spiked bat

- Stotts still thinks going small against the Grizz will work?